The Best Electronic Sports at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg

ESL One is the world’s best eSports team where many teams compete for the 7-digit price money. The event is the address for the most spectacular events in the world. Electronic sports are growing in popularity. Games from all over the meet unite for the best compete against each other in the best online games. A character is chosen by the player, along with the teammates where the goal is to defeat the opponents, so that the next round may be entered.

Steadily growing in popularity

Electronic Sports League is the long-form of ESL. It is steadily growing in popularity lately and the tournaments in Hamburg are the home to the biggest and the most important games in the league.

top-notch desktop sports

The top-notch desktop sports

The best teams in the world of esports, all over Asia come together to play here. These teams are now less than the superstars in the industry. It used to be a hobby earlier, but now it is quickly rising to the level of sports. The awards are huge too, millions of euros are in line.

The address

The Barclaycard Arena is humongous that can fit approximately 10,000 visitors. The ESL games attract crowds from all over the world and unite ESL fans from every corner. These events take place over a period of some days.

There are some best ESL sports that happen every year. They are.


It stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The genre of this game is online tactical shooting. Two teams play against each other for dominating the map.

League of Legends

League of Legends

The game is also referred to as LOL. It belongs to the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). It offers a real-time strategy where two teams would compete with each other. The map is divided into two halves and the opponent has to take over. A single game lasts 15 to 60 minutes. At the best of the 3 scenarios win.

In conclusion

The ESL sports are quickly gaining momentum and there are many admirers who this event enthrals. The grand prize is huge and the fans love the speed of the game. The Barclaycard Arena is huge and can accommodate thousands of fans to witness this grandeur at once. This is the ultimate game that would keep one hooked to their seats. It is worth the extravaganza and the grandiose.

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