Most Iconic Sports Stadiums in the World

Most Iconic Sports Stadiums in the World

The word “stadium” is derived from the Greek unit of measurement called “stade”. Since Greek and Roman times, the stadium architecture is present. The bold concrete and steel designs were not possible to make back then. But with the present technology, many marvelous monuments are possible.

Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China

It is also known as the Bird’s Nest. It has been designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron collaborating with the prominent Chinese artists’ Ai Weiwei and CAG lead architect Li Xinggang. The model was inspired by Chinese ceramics. The arena can accommodate 80,000 spectators.

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

This stadium has a capacity to seat 57,343 spectators. This one too has been designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. It has been the venue for many big games, including the 2006 FIFA World Cup. This stadium truly exhibits a magnificent façade.

Kaohsiung National Stadium, Zuoying District, Taiwan

This arena is in the shape of a dragon. It has been designed by the Japanese architect Toyo. It offers a seating capacity of 55,000. It is the first stadium in the world to depend upon solar power for all of its supplies.

FNB Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa

It truly represents the African culture. The stadium is also called the “The Calabash” since it resembles the African pot. It is the largest stadium in all of Africa with a seating capacity of 94,736. This stadium also has a historical past. Upon his release from prison, Nelson Mandela gave his first speech here.

National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

Germany architects Gerkan, Marg, and Partners are behind this stadium. It can seat up to 58,145 people. The façade represents the Polish flag with its red and white colors.

Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany

This place has a capacity to seat 69,250 people. The arena has hosted many famous matches. The canopy represents post-war Germany, which is ready to rebuild itself.

PGE Arena, Gdank, Poland

It was the venue of the 2012 UEFA European Championship and has a seating capacity of 42,000. European architecture has been inspired by the Amper, which is extracted from the Baltic Sea.

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

It can seat 51,700 people and has been designed by the international firm Populous and British and Irish architects Scott Tallon Walker. The roof is magical as its wave-like design allows a lot of light to enter it. Many concerts have been held in this arena too. A lot of rugby marches and soccer games have happened here.

How To Design Your Entertainment Venue For The Future?

How To Design Your Entertainment Venue For The Future?

The entertainment industry is dynamic and incessantly evolving. Now, the world is witnessing the emergence of a venue where the whole family can be entertained. If you are planning to open a family entertainment center, the first thing that you ought to chalk out is the type and number of entertainment activities your venue would offer.

After that comes the process of acquiring land, architecture, and design. starting an FEC or family entertainment center is no child’s play. Before hiring an architectural and design firm, go through the credential of applicants. Give them an idea of your expectations and purpose.

Entertainment Venue

All the attractions in an FEC are designed strategically. Different specialists in this domain would give myriad justifications for their designs. We must choose a culturally acceptable, ecologically sustainable, and economically feasible design for both the builder and the customer.

Certain things appear too small to pay detail to become a defining aspect of that business. For instance, instead of installing hundreds of flavors of Ice cream at one destination, you can place different flavours at different locations. Psychologically, if a customer is given too much choice, he is unlikely to make a decision and leave the aisle altogether. If they are given selected flavors to choose from at a time, choosing becomes easier.

When you are choosing to place your attraction in the design, it should be flowy. For instance, all the kid’s attractions should be placed in one place away from adult attractions like horror houses and movie centers that display graphic posters, which is sometimes inappropriate for a young mind to see.

It will take only the first 8 seconds for a customer to make the first impression. The placements of attractions should appear natural and not absurd.

For example, a guest finds a counter to their right after entering the premises. He will be compelled to look and start his visual tour from there. What he sees next in his line of sight is crucial. All the activities offered by your venue must be placed naturally as if he doesn’t need anyone to guide him.

Before choosing activities and attractions, you must ask yourself why would a guest come to your place instead of going to some other. What new and exciting things are you offering them? Some all-time favorite activities are a must to include, but there should be a few things that are only identifiable to you.

For instance, there are not many 3D and VR parlors for video game players. You may have one of them in the teen and adult sections. These general and specific attractions are called core attractions or anchor attractions that would generate a large chunk of revenue for you.

The Best Electronic Sports at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg

The Best Electronic Sports at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg

ESL One is the world’s best eSports team where many teams compete for the 7-digit price money. The event is the address for the most spectacular events in the world. Electronic sports are growing in popularity. Games from all over the meet unite for the best compete against each other in the best online games. A character is chosen by the player, along with the teammates where the goal is to defeat the opponents, so that the next round may be entered.

Steadily growing in popularity

Electronic Sports League is the long-form of ESL. It is steadily growing in popularity lately and the tournaments in Hamburg are the home to the biggest and the most important games in the league.

top-notch desktop sports

The top-notch desktop sports

The best teams in the world of esports, all over Asia come together to play here. These teams are now less than the superstars in the industry. It used to be a hobby earlier, but now it is quickly rising to the level of sports. The awards are huge too, millions of euros are in line.

The address

The Barclaycard Arena is humongous that can fit approximately 10,000 visitors. The ESL games attract crowds from all over the world and unite ESL fans from every corner. These events take place over a period of some days.

There are some best ESL sports that happen every year. They are.


It stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The genre of this game is online tactical shooting. Two teams play against each other for dominating the map.

League of Legends

League of Legends

The game is also referred to as LOL. It belongs to the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). It offers a real-time strategy where two teams would compete with each other. The map is divided into two halves and the opponent has to take over. A single game lasts 15 to 60 minutes. At the best of the 3 scenarios win.

In conclusion

The ESL sports are quickly gaining momentum and there are many admirers who this event enthrals. The grand prize is huge and the fans love the speed of the game. The Barclaycard Arena is huge and can accommodate thousands of fans to witness this grandeur at once. This is the ultimate game that would keep one hooked to their seats. It is worth the extravaganza and the grandiose.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Sports Industry?

How Has COVID-19 Impacted The Sports Industry?

COVID-19’s repercussions are still being felt across the globe’s health, academic, economic, and industrial organizations, and the sports environment is no exception. The never-ending sports pleasure we’ve become accustomed to has come to an end. As a result, we will see later in the text how the outbreak has had a significant impact on the sports sector.

Loss to the sportsmen

The sports sector is projected to be worth billions of dollars per year. However, many hundreds of thousands of careers are at stake worldwide due to COVID-19, both for sportspersons and those working in the linked commerce and athletic services sectors that support championships and tournaments. Experienced sportspeople are often under stress to rearrange their practice while attempting to keep fit at home. They potentially lose business sponsorships that may not provide them with the assistance they expected.

Postponement of games

Postponement of games

Aside from the financial implications, the postponement of games affects several of the public welfare of international and regional sports events, which can help to strengthen social bonds, contribute to fans’ mental – interpersonal enthusiasm, and increase their recognition with athletes, contributing to higher physical activity.

Sport has always been regarded as a good instrument for encouraging interaction and bridging ages. Different social groupings can have a much more prominent influence on social change and growth by sport, especially in fragmented nations. Sport is being used to create opportunities to learn and reach out to often marginalized or high-risk communities.

Discontinuation of schools

The shutdown of schools worldwide as a result of COVID-19 has affected the sports education industry, including national public institutions and local governments, sports organizations and sportspeople, NGOs and the corporate sector, and most importantly, the youths and students. Although the present situation has badly hit this group, it may also play an essential role in finding ways to control and conquer it and advocate rights and dignity in periods of global isolation.

Postponement of 2020 Olympic

Postponement of 2020 Olympic

For example, the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo got pushed to 2021 for the first time in the current Olympics’ record and among the globe’s most incredible athletic events. The judgment was taken 122 days before the official inauguration ceremony, which was set to take place at Japan’s capital’s newly constructed National Stadium. To refresh your memory, Tokyo spent US$ 26 billion on its plans and, without a doubt, saw a profit in the future. Despite a setback in the previous year, the “Tokyo 2020” was successfully carried out in 2021 without significant loss.

Final views

As the globe recovers from COVID-19, substantial challenges will have to be handled to guarantee the security of athletic activities at all stages and the health of sporting organizations. In the near term, these will entail, amid many things, event adaptations to protect the security of sportspeople, visitors, and traders. In the close run, given the likelihood of a worldwide recession, it may be necessary to take steps to encourage involvement in sporting groups, particularly among youth.

Everything You Need To Know About Barclaycard Arena 2021!

Everything You Need To Know About Barclaycard Arena 2021!

Indeed, finding a spot where you can enjoy everything at the same time is challenging. Barclaycard Arena is the place to be if you want to attend many events in one location.

What is Barclaycard Arena Hamburg?

The Barclaycard Arena, formerly known as the Color Line Arena, is a multifunctional venue in Hamburg, Germany, inaugurated in 2002. The facility has a capacity of 16,000 people, which is enormous. It is situated in Hamburg’s west Bahrenfeld area, near the  Volksparkstadion and the Volksbank Arena.

Barclaycard Arena

What is Barclaycard Arena mainly used for?

The Barclaycard Arena is predominantly utilized for pop/rock events, but it also served as the HSV Hamburg handball club and the Hamburg Freezers ice hockey team until both teams collapsed in 2016. The Barclaycard Arena is one of Europe’s most modern stadiums.

Inside the Barclaycard Arena

The music concert will be organized in Barclaycard Arena, which is a systematic and outstanding venue. In terms of surveillance, they have regulations just like airports, which is to be expected in light of recent concert fatalities.

The arena is built on a series of circular floors that provide access to the various tiers. You can not only enjoy musical events, but you can also satisfy your appetite by visiting one of the arena’s many restaurants, where you can sample a variety of cuisines and beverages at reasonable and fair costs.

Stage area

Stage area

The venue boasts a terrific audio setup and an excellent theatre area seen from all sides. The primary lounge area is untiered, and even though it is the most premium, you may have a limited view if someone tall is sitting in front of you. Overall, an excellent facility for concerts and other events that is conveniently accessible has delicious food at reasonable pricing, is secure, and is not unduly pricey.

Parking area

The venue is freely reachable from the German A7 Autobahn and has numerous premises parking facilities.  There is ample parking because the arena is on the same property as Hamburg SV’s football stadium. However, parking in the surrounding region is less expensive than in the arena.

Schedule of concerts for 2021-2022

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Barclaycard Arena has continued to host events for its fans while adhering to the strictest safety requirements and restrictions. Although several events have already taken place in 2021, you will have the opportunity to attend many more concerts in the future.

Schedule of concerts

Alanis Morissette, Chris de Burgh, and Burna Boy are among the performers who have performed at Barclaycard Arena, which has earlier hosted Roland Kaiser, Thees Uhlmann, and Selig.

Although the concert by well-known Canadian artist Alanis Morissette has been postponed, hundreds of events have already been scheduled for the coming year 2022 and the current year 2021.

By visiting their official website, you can quickly explore the list of future concerts and book tickets for your favorite artists. So keep an eye out!

Best Ways to Sell Event Tickets

Best Ways to Sell Event Tickets

If an event has to be a roaring success, it must include increasing the ticket sales of the event.

Finding new prospects in the business is the toughest part of the job. And many agree that making a sale is even tougher. There are many strategies to increase the sales of tickets.

Selling tickets on mobile

An estimated 1.8 billion people use the online portal to make purchases. Taking the sales online would boost the sales. It is better to ensure that the ticket sales portal has to be an app or mobile-friendly. It makes it easy for the attendees to make the booking.

Creating scarcity

Creating scarcity

Creating scarcity is one of the important tactics when selling tickets online as it can boost ticket sales by over 200%. There are two categories when it comes to online ticket sales. There are quantity and time. If there are a limited number of seats in the name of VIP packages and other add-on experiences, it would force the user to avail of these at discount prices. If there is a time factor involved, it would help better the conversion factor.

Referral program

It is the best way to make leads. When there are referral programs in play, there is a high chance that the word of mouth about the event gets spread organically, while availing the discounts too.

Email drop campaigns

Sending out a series of times and automated messages would help develop a long-term strategy and increase the business prospects. It is a great way to sell out all the campaigns easily. All these contacts can be used by the attendees and they would also get an idea of the pattern of the events.

Create a membership-based system

A membership system like those used by a Gentleman’s Club automatically means your future selling and banking profits before the bottles are even used.  And what’s best is that you will build in repeat business and a better chance of members recommending the venue to other friends and associates.

Share on social media

Sharing on social media is a great way to spread information about the event happening and various calls to action can be added. Social media may be leveraged to take the event to the next level. There are various social media tactics and professionals to specialize in it. Taking the support of the influencers is also a great way to spread the word.

Using a hashtag

Applying a hashtag is a great way of spreading the buzz about the event. It makes it seem like all the cool people are there and helps improve ticket sales.

In conclusion

These methods are the best ways to drive up ticket sales. The internet should be used to the maximum extent. Most of the sales happen online.

All About Barclaycard Arena

All About Barclaycard Arena

The Barclays Arena was initially named the Color Line Arena. It was recently renamed from Barclaycard Arena. Before that, it was known as O2 World Hamburg. It is an arena located in the city of Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2002 and has the capacity of hosting 16,000 people and nearly 13, 800 sporting events. It is a part of the iconic Altona Volkspark. Other landmarks in the vicinity of the area are Volksparkstadion, a football stadium, and the Volksbank Arena in Hamburg’s western Bahrenfeld district.

Altona Volkpark sprawls at 205 hectares or 507 acres making it one of the largest urban parks of Germany’s Hamburg District of Bahrenfeld situated at the borough of Altona. People can reach Altona Park driving 3 km away from the inner circle of the city. The city also has other parks like Planten un Blomen and Alsterpark.

Barclaycard Arena

Large scale events like music concerts are hosted at the Barclay Arena. It sponsored a handball club HSV Hamburg and an ice hockey team Hamburg Freezers. These teams were dissolved in 2016. The arena is an architectural marvel and a celebrated icon of the modern public entertainment venue of Europe.

The length and breadth of the arena are 150 meters and 110 meters with 33 meters wide. A total of 83 million euros or 121.5 million USD were spent on the construction of the arena when it was built. The construction of the stadium was sponsored by a Finnish businessman, Harry Harkimo in collaboration with the administration of the city of Hamburg. The land on which the arena is built was sold to Harkimo at 1 Mark. It is a symbolic price in Hamburg. The administration of the city of Hamburg allotted 12 million marks that roughly equal to 6 million euros for architectural improvements.

More than 2500 concerts and public entertainment events have been hosted in the arena by world-renowned musicians, bands, actors, and artists. The venue also hosted sporting events in one of the largest arenas in Germany.

The Barclaycard Arena is now controlled by Anschutz Entertainment Group which is a brand name of the Anschutz Corporation. The corporation has been a leading player in the world of live entertainment and administering the arena successfully since the autumn of 2007. The venue holds approximately 130 events in a year and receives a footfall of around a million visitors.

Anschutz Corporation

The changing names of the arena

The arena was named Color Line Arena initially after a Norwegian ferry operator by the name Color Line. In 2010, its name changed to O2 World Hamburg after its events were sponsored by a Spanish company dealing in telecommunications named Telefonica. The collaboration went off in 2015 again changing the arena’s name to Barclaycard arena.  Recently, the arena’s name changed to Barclay Arena.